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The Perfect Elegant Gift

In honor of their big day, give your clients what Just Luxe is calling “something magical… a service that delivers spa-inspired, luxury products for us to enjoy in the comfort of our own home.”

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monthly express in the press

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and Refined

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MonthlyExpress is a luxury gifting company for private label and direct to consumer.

MonthlyExpress retains your most important clients by showing your gratitude in the form of an exclusive membership appreciation package. Each package is unique and generously filled with hard to find products from around the world that promote wellness and relaxation. This allows your company to stay top-of-mind month after month, while fostering continual, positive associations with your brand.

Let ME retain your most important clientele, increase your over all referral business, and create loyal brand advocates.

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As Seen in Inside Weddings Magazine



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“I loved the ability to indulge in ME time…
as I traipsed across the globe.”

– Adrienne H, MonthlyExpress Recipient –
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Previously Featured Brands Include…[placidslider id=’3′]

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Thank you so much for the Monthly Express gift you sent.  It’s so ME!  I loved everything in the box…

– Liz C., MonthlyExpress Member –
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Built with

Founded serendipitously in November 2013, we’re backed by 2 passionate co-founders and a fabulous board – hailing from California to Manhattan.

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Travis Loring

Chief Executive Officer

A New York native and self-described preppy, Travis utilizes her decades of communications expertise to build relationships with brands and “makers” around the world. Her vision and focus on operations is what keep things running smoothly for MonthlyExpress members.

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Tara Loring

Chief Operating Officer

Ever the creative force, Tara guides the art direction for this community and is the defining eye in bringing together experiences for MonthlyExpress members. Her attention to detail is what allows members to access the same luxurious experience both online and off.

Interested in bringing ME time to your clientele?

Contact Our Partnerships Team

(800) 400-2470
Monday to Thursday  9AM to 6PM
Friday  9AM to 5:30PM
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