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Looking for the perfect closing gift?  MonthlyExpress retains your most important clients by showing your gratitude in the form of an exclusive membership appreciation package. Each package is unique and generously filled with hard to find products from around the world that promote wellness and relaxation. This allows your company to stay top-of-mind month after month, while fostering continual, positive associations with your brand.

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“My clients RAVED about the gifts and loved all of the products. Many of them reached out to say thanks and hello. This made me realize that I wasn’t keeping in touch as often as I should. One client already got in touch that she wants me to sell her 1.1M condo and buy with me up to 2.5M. This expense will more than pay for itself in the business it generates.”

Lori M. Compass Real Estate Broker


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Founded in November 2013 by Travis Loring and Tara Loring. We specialize in after sale marketing to retain your clients and reduce overall Marketing budgets.  MonthlyExpress is a way to gain Share of Mind” and create loyal raving fans. We are direct mail on steroids.

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Travis Loring


Travis utilizes her decades of communications expertise to build relationships with luxury brands around the world that give back in some way.  She cultivates gifts that resonate with both the giftee and the gift recipient.  “After care marketing can reduce marketing spend by 10% . We deliver gifts in the form of ME Time to make a resounding impression on your clients so they feel required to come back for more.”

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Tara Loring


Ever the creative force, Tara guides the art direction for this community and is the defining eye in bringing together experiences for MonthlyExpress members. Her attention to detail is what allows members to access the same luxurious experience both online and off.

Interested in bringing ME time to your clientele?

Contact Our Partnerships Team

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