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    A Decadent, Unique Experience

    You’re likely faced with the same conundrum every birthday, not to mention, special occasions like anniversaries: What should you buy for a woman who may have everything but savors a little time for herself? If you’re looking to gift something extra special — give the gift of “ME time” with a 1-month, 3-month6-month, or 1 year membership.

    We vet and work with top brands and established designers, master perfumers, and body product “chefs” to put together a beautifully wrapped package delivered monthly to the doorstep of someone special.


    Please note: you must purchase before the 20th of this month for your gift recipient to receive this month’s collection. All new memberships after the 20th of this month will begin with next month’s collection.


    Surprise her with the unique gift of “ME” time – the ultimate gift guaranteed to make her feel special.

    Available in 1 mo., 3 mo., 6 mo., or 1 year gift memberships.

    Send her a MonthlyExpress Gift Subscription and every month they’ll receive a beautiful box filled with premium boutique products. Our luxurious collections include carefully selected items from around the world to soothe and rejuvenate your special woman. These boutique bath, body and home products are curated for relaxation – delivered each month in a beautifully wrapped parcel. 

    Think she’ll love it? They do.

    “MonthlyExpress is the perfect gift for the woman that has everything.”  – Mr. Glover

    “I am now in better standing in my house-hold because of ME” – Mr. Geier


    From limited edition fine fragrances, to relaxing body scrubs from sugar cane sourced halfway across the globe, MonthlyExpress memberships are ideal for the woman with a taste for luxury, and even more importantly – superior quality products for body, home, and spirit.

    By giving a MonthlyExpress Membership, your loved one will enjoy your lovely gift all year long.

    Every detail of your MonthlyExpress collection has been thoughtfully constructed. Each brand is vetted to our highest quality standards and every selection waiting inside carefully curated to replenish and delight.

    Please Note: Gifts sent before the 20th of this month will receive this month’s collection. All new gift memberships after the 20th of this month will begin with next month’s collection.

    Previously Featured Brands Include…[placidslider id=’3′]

    For cancellation policy please see terms and conditions 

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    Dimensions 6 x 8 x 4 in