Tiffany Andersen

Tiffany Andersen Gold


Tiffany Andersen, creator of the Gavée Gold Collection, has over 20 years of esthetic experience. Tiffany’s Gavée Gold Collection has infused elements that have been processed in a potent, pure, and effective way. These unique elements have been passed down from the master grandfather of spagyric processing, the late Dr. Riedel. After creating these highly nutritious, mineral rich, liquid gold elements that do not contain any metal particles, Dr. Riedel instructed a group of specialized parachemists to store these elements away for a period of 20 to 40 years so they can gain in potency and strength. Tiffany’s specialized groups of chemists have over 100 years of experience behind them. Her passion for health craft stems from an insatiable love for her work with an undying dedication to never give up even when faced with the most severe adversity — including a serious car accident that nearly left her paralyzed and the diagnosis and treatment of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. These struggles have furthered Tiffany’s dedication and commitment to helping others achieve good health.


Las Vegas

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