Marula is a brand with positive impact. The Marula Oil used in their products gives skin a hydration boost, rejuvenations, and protection against free radical damage. Due to its high levels of oleic (omega-9 acid at 60-70% concentrations), Marula Oil easily penetrates the skin and is fast absorbing and safe for face. Marula Oil is obtained with Fair Trade practices from East African Marula trees. The women in rural villages gather the fallen Marula fruit from around their homes and bring them to nearby collection points where the fruit pulp is removed for jams and juices, the nut is then sun dried and shelled. The oil-rich kernels are hand-selected and manually cold pressed to ensure the highest quality product. This wild, exotic ingredient contains 50% more anti-oxidants than Argan, fighting free radicals can lead to premature aging and skin damage.

Sourced from East Africa

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