Côté Bastide


Côté Bastide is a source for luxury bath products and home fragrance, as well as beautiful home décor. In 1990, using her emotions and personal experiences, Nicole Houques created Cote Bastide to rediscover the authenticity and the art of living in the south of France.

In Provence, a “bastide” is a country house where families and their relatives gather together every weekend. “Cote” means nearly, around, or in relation with. Therefore, Nicole Houques put together the name “Cote Bastide” to capture not only the way of life in the south of France, but also to evoke the serenity present in the country houses.  To express the concept of the “art of living”,Houques combines the traditional with the contemporary producing a wide range of personal care and home decor. The overall goal is to present Cote Bastide’s products in a simple, natural, and elegant manner.


Aix-en-Provence, France


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