Corporate Gifting

MonthlyExpress is a luxury gifting company for corporate and direct to consumer. We are the leader in luxury gift giving and are committed to providing our clientele with exceptional top of the line gifts that exemplify elegance and style. Our steadfast highly reputable team works hand in hand with our clients to provide a simplistic approach in helping to facilitate unsurpassed memorable gifts that stay top of mind amongst the most venerate and esteemed clientele.

We pursue perfection, elegance and innovation in our approach to corporate gifting

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Your Needs:
  • increase referral rates
  • decrease defection rates by gifting at the right time in your sales cycle
  • stay top of mind with clients and leave a lasting impression
  • ensure client remains engaged with brand
  • save money and time by streamlining marketing efforts
  What We Do:
  • develop a customized gift box with your logo
  • curate collections of top of the line products
  • create personalized printed collateral, i.e., handwritten note card
  • provide storage, shipping and all fulfillment responsibilities
  • ship gifts conveniently and on time directly to your clients doorsteps

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Real Estate

“My clients RAVED about the gifts and loved all of the products. They thought it was totally decadent and an unexpected surprise. Many of them reached out to say thanks and hello. This made me realize that I wasn’t keeping in touch as often as I should, so it was a wake up call to be better. One client already got in touch that she wants me to sell her 1.1M condo and buy with me up to 2.5M. And I’m convinced that others will follow.  This expense will more than pay for itself in the business it generates.”

– L. Mendelis, Compass (New York)

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“Working with MonthlyExpress promotes open conversation between RM Auctions and my most important customers. It’s a unique gift that I would never have thought about giving. Beats the forgettable bouquet of flowers that die in two weeks.”

Rob Myers, RM Auctions (Ontario)

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“I gift MonthlyExpress to my clients after they purchase a yacht.  I personally worked with ME to design the packaging to Vanquish’s brand standards.   Each of my clients receive two embroidered Turkish towels, two travel mugs designed perfect for boating, and a beautiful cooler that literally turns heads!  The reactions we receive are overwhelming.  We build beautiful yachts, gift beautiful gifts, and receive countless referrals thanks to MonthlyExpress’ attention to detail and timely delivery.  

-Morgan Huntley, Vanquish Boats (Newport, RI)

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Example Gifts and Pricing

$65 Gift

This classic candle combo is both elegant and memorable.  Paired with the NEST Silver matches, its a perfect gift that will delight and build a relationship with a treasured new client.

$165 Gift

Wrap your clients in luxury and warmth with this delicately woven wool and cashmere blend throw.  Both sophisticated and welcoming, its an unsurpassed gift that goes above and beyond.  Perfect for high valued clients and referrals, this sumptuous throw is nothing short of exceptional.  *Monograming Possible

$215 Gift

This candle classic candle and NEST Fragrances Silver Match set is a perfect gift that will both delight and help build relationships with new and existing clients. Wrap your clients in luxury with the cashmere blend throw* and impress them with the uncompromising quality of this champagne.  It’s a fabulous gift and a crowing way to say “Thank you” or “Congratulations”

*Monograming Possible

$700 Gift

Effortless luxury, style and elegance.  Impress each client with a loaded Sovaro Cooler.  Each gift package includes, two Turkish towels* and a pair of Sovaro Tumblers.  Make an impression.

*Monograming Possible

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