A Hostess Gift Unlike Any Other

Etiquette and tradition state you never want to arrive empty handed to a party, whether you are the recipient of the invitation, or a plus one. Our hostess collections, while meant for the rounds of parties that erupt during the holidays, can apply all year round, as graciousness never goes out of season.

A hostess gift is a thoughtful way to thank the party-giver for all of their efforts and for including you in the holiday fun. While your host will appreciate the impulse to bring a bottle of wine or flowers, they probably have their fair share of those very gifts. So with that in mind, go for the timelessly perfect choice. A gift that allows your hostess to enjoy some “ME time” for herself.

To really show your appreciation, personalize your selection based on your host’s preferences or what you want your gift to say. Our hostess collections symbolize friendship, gratitude, or appreciation; so pick the one that conveys the message you’re looking for.

There’s nothing worse than catching a glimpse of a wilting flower arrangement as you leave. Thankfully, your gifts will be a life of a few weeks to months so your gift can be enjoyed beyond the duration of your visit.

The best gifts are also items that the host can easily accept from you shortly after your arrival, set aside and enjoy later so they can get back to their hosting duties. The more time and thought you put into the gesture, the more meaningful the gift. We take care of the presentation from top to bottom; your hostess collection is nestled inside our signature white linen both and finished with a beautiful chiffon ribbon for a special touch. The entire package is mailed to you inside a shipper box to protect it from damage.

Learn more about our hostess collections and orders yours this season.

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