3 Ways to Have a NonCliche Valentine’s Day with Your Love

Let’s face it; when you have a special someone in your life, the day of love can go one of three ways. It can either be a humdrum I’d rather be twiddling my thumb affair, a  forget this Cupid guy and hide me away forever and ever failure or a passion-filled super sexy success. Chances are, no matter if it’s your first date or if you’ve been together for more years than you can count, you probably desire a Valentines full of intense, steamy fervor and, well, fun.

While flowers and dinner reservations are the conventional way to commence this day of romance, these plain old vanilla plans may not help you reach a tantalizing night of triumph. If you want to kick things up a notch and create a hot night of romance, follow these tips and get ready to devour a box full of chocolate surprises, not the kind you eat!

A Box Full of “ME” Makes for a Seductive night of We:

There’s no need to go to great lengths searching for the best place to go, the perfect gift to give or what card to write. One of the best ways to bring romance into the night is to initiate a fun way to relax, unwind and set the mood for an unrestrained night of pure pleasure. The best gift is one you can both enjoy together. MonthlyExpress.com has created a Valentines box that will help guide you on how to make this happen. From a beautiful diffuser that creates a pleasant, intimate fragrance, a lovers oil, full of aphrodisiacs that will help sooth stress and elevate the ardor to an energizing lip balm that will help get those lips ready to pucker up to a night full passion. The simplicity of opening up a, ME Box, together and sharing the luxurious feelings they forge is just what Cupid had in mind.

Grab Your Dancing Shoes and Get Moving:

A perfect date is usually one in which you and your date can show off just how imperfect you are and simply have fun. The best way to take the pressure off is to put the spotlight into a fun activity and dancing fits the bill. It’s both sexy and entertaining. All you need to get the night moving in the right direction is a boombox (aka portable wireless music player) and the right setting. Grab some wine, a light snack and take the music with you either outside your house or to a picturesque setting like the beach, mountain view top or a park. Whatever you have at your disposal, it will work. Slow songs will let you move in close, and fast songs will help you let loose and have fun.

Create an Appetite for Seduction:

Sizzle it up at a cooking class. This is a fun and sexy way to have dinner with your date and get to know each other. There’s no reason to sit and wait for your meal when you can create a plate full of passion with your special date. Spice up the night with the right blend of fiery aphrodisiacs foods that will leave you hungry for more mouth-watering enjoyment.

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