“Fall” in Love

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fall seems to be the only season put in the rotation where we are simply meant to enjoy the beauty. I find it’s the best season to fall in love.  The leaves offer a unique and different view and the quietness of the wind rustling the leaves offers tranquility found after a busy summer.

Nothing blooms but as we watch the leaves die and turn their beautiful colors, we somehow see a renewal.  For a moment, let us contemplate the death of a leaf.  Bright green turns to orange, red, and yellow then brown.  What a way to die! Out with one last performance before heading into the winter. It’s as if it is performing a grand finale.  Enjoy the show.  Take the weekend drive to the mountains and immerse yourself in the beauty.

Perhaps we are planting bulbs to bloom in the spring, or busy readying the house for the winter.  Whatever occupies our time in the Fall, remember to take some time for yourself.  Your skin will need attention. Colder days means less moisture in the air and that leads to dryness.  Remember, just as the leaves are changing, so is how you care for yourself.  More importantly, enjoy the fall.  Feel the chill in the air, remember a moment as a child, and just be still.  The fall is a perfect time to fall in love, so do it.  Fall in love with yourself.  You are beautiful.

All of my love,  Travis


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