Founder Interview with Wendi S. Berger Founder of Pour le Monde

It is was our pleasure to sit down with Wendi S. Berger, a dear friend in commerce and life. Her passion behind her creation of natural parfumes has moved her into the world of fine fragrance and in competition with much larger brands.  Her determination has settled her as the first to market perfume that can be worn while pregnant or as an alternative to toxic fragrances.  Personally I wear her Empower perfume every day.  Layered with my Cocovit lotion or Candelnut in the summer is especially unique!  And I always, always, give myself an extra spritz before heading into a meeting.  Empower is mine (and Tara’s) signature scent!

Get to know Wendi as we have.  Her kindness, passion and spirit will carry you away.

xoxo  Travis


Wendi S. Berger, what was the catalyst for you to start Pour Le Monde?

Since I was a little girl, I LOVED LOVED LOVED fragrance. It was a huge upset to learn while I was pregnant that the perfumes I was marinating in could have potential effects on my unborn child. None of the all natural scents on the market excited me—they were rather bland and came in oily roller balls. On my maternity leave I realized there was a hole in the market for natural eau de parfums so I quit my job and set forth to create this wonderful collection.

What is the essence of your business and your product line?

Pour le Monde, which means ‘for the world’, is exactly that; fragrances that give back to the world. Whether it is helping our charitable partners (each fragrance benefits a different charity) to giving back to our environment (we don’t create indoor pollution and, unlike synthetic musks which have been found in our water streams and don’t decompose), Pour le Monde is the only certified 100% natural fine fragrances in the world. We’re also vegan and animal cruelty free.

What makes Pour Le Monde remarkable and memorable?

Our collection is a head turner –no one can believe that natural perfumes can be this complex and elegant. Each fragrance is designed for moods or a lifestyle—our Empower is refreshing and sporty, Together is elegant and classic and Envision, well Envision has been called the date night, sensual and hot fragrance!  Our consumers praise us constantly thanking us that they can finally wear a luxury fragrance again that won’t give them a headache to applauding us for our philanthropy. We’ve got animal lovers who appreciate our commitment to cruelty free and  a huge movement of people only wanting to wear green or eco chic products.

From where or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

I never wore just one perfume growing up. I had so many I was a fragrance marketer’s dream. Each scent represented how I was feeling or how I wanted to feel; or would take me back to a wonderful memory.  That’s what I want for our customers; a personal fragrance wardrobe that lets them have new experiences or bring back fond ones. So my inspiration is, how do I want to feel and how can we create this with only 300+ notes truly certified 100% natural!

What is your day-to-day role in the company?

Those of us who have launched indie beauty companies joke that we wear so many hats we forget our roles! Like yesterday I was VP of product development and last week, I was overseeing communications. Today I am running sales. It is what you do when you are a young, innovative company–you roll up your sleeves and tackle everything, humbly!

What has been your favorite or most poignant memory of your company to date?

We’ve only been out for just two years so to have the press award you with accolades and hear from people from all over the world who love Pour le Monde makes it all worth it. At the end of the day, my favorite thing is that my company is serving a positive purpose in this world.

Any plans you can share with us about the future of Pour Le Monde?

We have a lot planned for the next five years. Right now we are focused on getting our product out into the hands of people. We get a lot of, “Why haven’t I discovered Pour le Monde before?!” and “Where have you guys been?”

What is your ME TIME?

Please let us know what you like to do to relax and get away from it all.  I have a six year old son and my ME time is Mommy time. When my husband has a work dinner or travels, nothing is more fun than us cuddling and playing games together. He transports me back to my kindergarten days and that mindset really gets me away from it all!

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