A unique gift for luxury clients

We started this journey at MonthlyExpress as a team driven by one mission: to bring ‘ME’ time to modern women everywhere. Since our inception, we have learned a great deal and discovered some of the world’s best burgeoning spa, beauty, and home brands. Interest in our pampering collections spread to beyond our members to companies as well.

RM Auctions- Sotheby’s was one of the first companies to approach our team about a partnership, and we were thrilled. We are proud that MonthlyExpress now partners with a number of companies as a luxury gift for private label and direct-to-consumer.

Our curated collections – carefully branded for our partners – retain the most important clients by showing gratitude in the form of an exclusive membership appreciation package. Nurturing the relationship after the sale is imperative to a company’s strategy and bottom line. The gift of ME Time shows an attention to detail that goes above and beyond. Each package is unique and generously filled with hard-to-find products from around the world that promote wellness and relaxation. This allows our partnership brands to stay top-of-mind month after month while fostering continual, positive associations.

Typical promotional and “thank you” products are often one-off items that customers do not use on a regular basis. Traditional gifts of pens, gift baskets, and others do not resonate clients with discerning tastes. Nor do they create lasting impressions. MonthlyExpress is designed to delight its recipients. The gift of ME time in each MonthlyExpress shipment make a positive, lasting impression.

If you have a brand that is interested in partnering with us, please reach out to us at partners@monthlyexpress.com.

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