Interview with Sarah Villafranco, MD, Founder and CEO of Osmia Organics

My new montra for the year 2016 is Osmia.  By definition Osmia (pronounced oz·mee·uh) means: A sense of who you are, why you’re here, and all the ways you can choose to be happy.  Happiness is soaking in my bath full of Osmia Recovery Salt Bath after yoga.  We sat down with the founder and CEO to find out how this wonderful natural brand came to be.

Please join me in learning how Osmia was born.


What was the catalyst for you to start Osmia Organics?

It was really a little storm of life events that caused me to rethink things: my second daughter was born, my mother died a few months later (way too young, at 64), and I took a soap making class. There had been some background noise in my brain for a while about whether I wanted to continue practicing emergency medicine. I loved the ER, but wanted to practice a broader form of medicine that impacted people, animals, and the planet. It may sound silly, but I am out to heal the world one bar of soap at a time.

What is the essence of your business and your product line?

We want to educate as many people as possible about how something as simple as switching to natural skincare can have a huge impact on health, both our own and that of the ecosystem we inhabit. We want to show people that making the switch does not have to feel like a sacrifice. In fact, once you train your senses to appreciate high-quality, natural ingredients, the other stuff starts to seem less appealing, especially when you see and feel the effects of using artisanal products. Above all, we want to inspire people to choose their health – physical, mental, and spiritual – in every way available to them.

What makes Osmia Organics remarkable and memorable?

It’s the art of blending of nature with luxury, while reminding people to treasure the ordinary moments that make up their days. It’s our attention to detail, from pristine ingredients to extraordinary scents to conscientious packaging, and it’s nudging you to notice the beautiful details and textures of your own life. We want to help you return to your senses, and make the world a healthier, happier place as you do so.

From where or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

Probably from the mountains where we live, work, and play. This region is breathtakingly beautiful, and inspires so many of the scents and textures of our products. Being outdoors in Colorado is like a constant stream of sensory intoxication. Also, the dry climate out here brings out skin issues for lots of people, which has really educated me about how to help them treat themselves naturally.

What is your day-to-day role in the company?

I handle much of the social media, especially our Instagram feed, make lots of decisions, introduce the brand to new retailers, and travel for special events. I do most of the writing for the blog. I formulate all new products, and I still make all the perfumes with my own two (very happy) hands.

What has been your favorite or most poignant memory of your company to date?

Oh, there are so many! I think the most hilarious was the day we launched the website. We had this idea that there would be a crushing flood of orders. Instead, we sat and listened to crickets for what seemed like ages while watching the screen. We whooped with joy when my brother-in-law placed the first order.

Any plans you can share with us about the future of Osmia Organics?

We are finally expanding into more online and boutique locations in our fourth year of business. We wanted to explore the world of green beauty, as it was expanding so rapidly when we launched the company. Now, we have more of a sense of who is really doing things well in the industry, and we have scaled up our operation to be able to support growth and increased distribution.

What is your ME TIME? Please let us know what you like to do to relax and get away from it all.

Oh, exercise is definitely my most consistent ME time. Something about my body chemistry just clicks better after I have gotten a workout in for the day. My husband, daughters, and staff all know that endorphins are good for me (translation: good for them, too), and they are all really supportive about giving me time to run, ski, bike, or get on my yoga mat.

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