Noelle Herzog, President of Karin Herzog

Noëlle Palmisano-Herzog, President of Karin Herzog

One of the best parts of my job is meeting the creative minds behind some of the world’s top luxury brands. Last week, I had the privilege of sitting down with Noëlle Palmisano-Herzog, President of Karin Herzog.

Noëlle was gracious enough to share with us the compelling and unique story which allowed luxurious Karin Herzog skincare brand to come to life. The legacy and technology of the advanced beauty company is highly admired around the world. As a global leader in oxygen-based skincare, Karin Herzog is the only range of products formulated with stabilized active oxygen. The unique element acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells. It is no wonder that we have featured selections from their product line in our fine collections.

Founded over 40 years ago in Switzerland by Nobel Institute honoree Dr. Paul Herzog, the brand is still run by Herzog family today (as evidenced by Noëlle’s leadership) and all of their products are continue to be produced in beautiful Switzerland.

I hope you will enjoy learning about this elegant, technologically advanced company as much as I did. Noëlle exuded this elegant gravitas from the moment I met her. No unlike like the magnetic draw of Karin Herzog’s luxurious products. See the full details of our interview below.




TL: What was the catalyst for you/your family to start Karin Herzog?

NPH: The catalyst was, for sure, the  fact that my father, the Dr Paul Herzog, has succeeded to stabilize the Hydrogen peroxide into an emulsion. This was dedicated to medical science at the time. But thanks to my mother, a beautician – she convinced my father to let this invention shine in the cosmetics. And it was transformed into a range of cosmetic products – name Karin Herzog. The line was met this nice success, which continues on today.


TL: What is the essence of your business and your product line?

NPH: The essence of our company is the powerful efficiency of the Oxygen products. To see so many men and women with problematic skin pleased with the effects of Karin Herzog Oxygen cream for over 40 years…. it is very gratifying. Every time we receive letters, mails and testimonials from clients telling us “thank you for having these products”, we are rewarded for what we do. We will carry this vital essence of our business forward in my parents’ tradition.

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TL: What makes Karin Herzog remarkable and memorable?

NPH: It is difficult for someone like me who has been so involved from the beginning to have a “outside” view of the ‘remarkable’ and ‘memorable’ side of Karin Herzog products. 

I have a been brought up by the heart my parents have put into making these products incredible. I have seen so extraordinary results on the skin (even medical cases) with this stabilized oxygen, that I believe in it 100%.

While ours is a story of family tradition and generations carrying on a remarkable products for others, it is really about tradition and efficacy of the products themselves. We are now the second generation, preparing the third (with my older boy)… Once you have tried the products for yourself, you won’t go back to anything else. I use it and swear by it.

TL: From where or whom do you draw your greatest inspiration?

NPH: I continue to draw my inspiration from my mother, Karin Herzog ! At 79 years old, she is a real source of inspiration and creativity. She has a lot of ideas and without a doubt, deep experience.


TL: What is your day-to-day role in the company?

NPH: Today, I am the president of the company. However, since 2008, my husband, has steered the direction of the company. Karin Herzog has grown 4 times over under his guidance.

We have been together 18 years and Donato has always seen how this company has stayed within our family.

We make a good team. While his role is to make smart business decisions, I am more involved with the communications of the brand, bringing our story to others.


TL: What has been your favorite or most poignant memory of your company to date?

NPH: Oh… wow, I must say that in 40 years, there have been many poignant memories. Too many things for boils it down to one or two! A whole life!!

I was born into these products, after my 2 older sisters. My parents poured a lot of love into our childhood, always in parallel with the products. 

I have seen my parents working endlessly but always with all this trust and faith in the oxygen technology. My father bestowed upon us this incredible heritage which we had the duty and privilege of continuing.

I have seen difficult years and easier ones, I have seen miracles which proved that as long as your product is remarkable, the rest will come.


TL: Any plans you can share with us about the future of Karin Herzog?

NPH: We will always doing our best to make Karin Herzog line one that is loyal to existing customer and trustworthy for new ones. 

My husband is tasked with seeking the right partnerships and right people to work with, and we continue to develop the products, around our Oxygen products, like a SPF protection – which doesn’t yet exist in our product line. It’s very exciting.


TL: What is your ME TIME? Please let us know what you like to do to relax and get away from it all.  

NPH: My ME TIME is when I can go with my family (my husband and my 2 children) to a sunny and beautiful place and play all 18 holes on golf course!

Or, even better, some days when I can slip in a bath without anyone asking me for something and just sit with our face mask and read a book quietly. That’s real relaxation.