April Box Feature: Tadé Masque au Rassoul (Rassoul Red Clay Mask)

Tade Red Clay Mask

Rassoul (Red Clay) is an absorbant soapy red mineral clay that has been used in Hammams and Turkish baths in the Mediterranean and Middle East to cleanse and exfoliate for centuries. Today, clarifying Rassoul is used in some of the most exclusive spas.

The name of this clay comes from the Arabic word ‘rassala’ which means “the matter which washes”. Other names of this clay are Red Morrocan Clay and Ghassoul Clay. It comes from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco where it is mined from the deposits formed from the volcanic ashes.

Heated in cauldrons, red clay from the Middle Atlas Mountains is added to water and enriched with laurel oil (antimicrobial) to produce a smooth and luxurious lipid-rich paste. In comparison with other clays safe for use on skin, Rhassoul clay has more gentle cleansing properties, making it especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

The 100% natural highly absorbent red desert mineral clay is rich in iron oxides and recommended for all skin types to detoxify and cleanse the skin. Rassoul naturally draws impurities toward the surface of the skin and regulates excess sebum – it cleanses while tightening pores for firmer, more radiant skin.

The re-energizing minerals in your Rassoul Red Clay Mask are the secret to enviably smooth, polished complexion of women throughout the Mediterranean. Applied as a mask to the face or body, this paste will soften, gently exfoliate and tone the skin while regulating the natural hydration of your skin and stimulating circulation.


Use: During a long hot bath, gently exfoliate with the damp crepe mitt before applying Tadé Masque Au Rassoul (Red Clay Mask) onto the body with circular movements. Rinse off thoroughly for clean, velvet-soft skin. For a more intense treatment, massage vigorously from head to toe and let it penetrate for up to 5 minutes as a face and body mask before rinsing thoroughly with warm water.

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