Calvin Klein Storm Fragrance Beads

Calvin Klein Storm Beads

Storm Fragrance Beads are textured grain wood beads made in Italy and handcrafted from the cassia tree, a medium-sized flowering plant native to India. 

These innovative fragrance beads are a part of a collection of limited edition accessories from Calvin Klein Home inspired by artisans and time-honored tradition. When infused with Storm scent spray – a new distinct scent derived from high quality, complex oils – the beads impart a seductive and enveloping fragrance for intimate, enclosed spaces such the drawer of your nightstand, a powder room, or even your vehicle.

Replenish the fragrance on the beads with a spray of CK Storm scent as desired.

Hang it on the door of your dressing room or place it in the drawer of your office desk and enjoy exquisite notes of fig leaves, fresh cedar and bergamot, enveloped with green moss and golden amber dune for a breath of relaxation.

T&T’s ME Moment: 

How we use them: We hang them in our powder room for our guests to enjoy.  Hint: Give the beads an extra spray just before your guests arrive to make sure their private moment turns into a “ME Moment”.  




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