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“ME” time from MonthlyExpress is a luxurious package filled with soul-nourishing, boutique products, delivered monthly and built just for you. Each monthly shipment includes “self-nourishing” products for you to fully enjoy. You’ll discover boutique, hard-to-find, and even limited-supply high-end products from shops and brands all over the globe. Everything is conveniently, timely and delivered right to your doorstep.

Our selection of fine purveyed products include a melange of scented home goods, rejuvenating bath and body products, and a range of many other products that suit your home lifestyle.

Each month’s collection is unique from the next with special thought given to the season and variety of products within our signature linen box. MonthlyExpress prides itself in offering full sized, actual products that you can use. The products we select are types of discoveries you might find while traveling and learning about the tradition of soap makers in Provence, France, while sampling bath salts in the Hamalayas, or even while exploring organic bodycare mastercrafters in Brooklyn, NY.

“A girl should be two things:
classy & fabulous.”

– Coco Chanel –

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“Thank you so much for the Monthly Express gift you sent.  It’s so ME!  I loved everything in the box…”

– Liz C., MonthlyExpress Member –

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Built with

Founded in November 2013, we’re backed by 2 passionate co-founders and a passionate team.

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Travis Loring

Chief Executive Officer

A New York native, Travis utilizes her decades of communications expertise to build relationships with brands and “makers” around the world. Her vision and focus on operations is what keep things running smoothly for MonthlyExpress members.

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Tara Loring


Ever the creative force, Tara guides the art direction for this community and is the defining eye in bringing together experiences for MonthlyExpress members. Her attention to detail is what allows members to access the same luxurious experience both online and off.