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High quality, thoughtful gifting that benefits ourselves and the earth.

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Travis Loring

Chief Executive Officer

A New York native and ever the creative force, Travis guides the art direction and is the defining eye in bringing together experiences for MonthlyExpress members. Her vision and focus on operations is what keep things running smoothly for MonthlyExpress members.

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Tara Loring

Chief Operating Officer

Tara utilizes her decades of communications expertise to build relationships with brands and “makers” around the world.  Her mission is to have monthlyExpress become a house-hold name for luxury gifting.  Her attention to detail is what allows members to access the same luxurious experience both online and off.


The leader in Luxury Gift Giving

MonthlyExpress is a luxury gifting company for corporate and direct to consumer. We are the leader in luxury gift giving for both consumers and businesses and simplify their search for the perfect gift while freeing up their time, money and resources.  Using our relationships with top of the line environmentally sound brands we seek to provide a high quality, heartfelt gift that exemplifies thoughtfulness while benefiting in the community and the Earth.

Each gift contains high end luxury products from bath, body and home, that invoke a sense of ME Time. Products are sourced through a rigorous vetting process.  We pay attention to ingredients, sustainability, and charitable aspects.  When you purchase a MonthlyExpress gift you are supplying a cancer patient with skin care welcome kit at Mt. Sinai in New York City. Or making sure the Berber women in Morocco have the housing and education they need.  Or perhaps, even donating a portion back to Autism Speaks through our NEST Fragrances affiliation.

For consumers, we deliver ME time to our members on a monthly basis.  Our cost is $129/ month in perpetuity.  Or you may purchase a 1, 3, 6, 12 month gift.

For corporate gifting, we provide a fully customizable gift. Prices start at $50 and can be curated to fit the gifting needs at any price level.  MonthlyExpress currently works with realtors for closing or thank you gifts.  MonthlyExpress is a premium direct mail service meant to help stay in touch and retain clients whereby reducing customer defection rates.

We can customize the packaging to reflect the business’s brand.  White labeling the gift allows the company to brand themselves. The contents are curated in tandem with the company we work with and are subject to the same vetting process to ensure the benefits to both the consumer and community.