“ME” time from MonthlyExpress is a package filled with organic – all natural, luxury products, delivered monthly and built just for you. Each month you will discover boutique, hard-to-find, and even limited-supply high-end products from shops and brands all over the globe. Every product we find must meet a level of luxury that fits our members needs. Just open and enjoy some ME Time.  

A MonthlyExpress membership is the ultimate thoughtful gift. Indulge yourself or buy the gift of “ME” time for another!



MonthlyExpress is your key to luxurious relaxation. For $129 per month, you will receive a beautifully wrapped box containing full-sized organic and natural boutique products. Every detail of your MonthlyExpress box has been thoughtfully constructed, each brand vetted to our highest quality standards and every selection waiting inside carefully curated to relax and delight you. We hold ourselves to an impeccable standard so that we can bring you the “me time” that you deserve with the best possible products.

By giving a MonthlyExpress Membership, your recipient can enjoy your lovely gift all year long.



Each month’s shipment is a distinctly different experience of discovery and enjoyment, with just one commonality: all of them are curated and fit for the most sophisticated of palates. From natural bath salts discovered in the Himalayas to cutting-edge rejuvenating face lotion from a limited edition boutique brand, the fine products inside each MonthlyExpress collection are specially selected to let you breathe moments of ME time and savor pure, blissful relaxation.

Delight someone with the splendid gift of “ME” time – selections of unique, luxury products, beautifully packaged and delivered each month – or enjoy this decadent treat for yourself!

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Brands - NEW
_0012_olivina napa valley
_0015_amelie et  melanie
_0000_Kaé Argatherapie
_0022_erbario toscano
_0020_Oscar de la Renta logo
_0008_Key West Aloe

Rediscover relaxation inside each of our collections.